Transportation Savings

If you take public transportation in a big city

Buy a monthly pass with using a Wageworks account and pre-tax dollars if available given your commuting expenses for the train could be sizable

With a monthly pass you can ride public transit all you want

If you live in the suburbs or countryside and will be commuting via car

Try to combine trips to save on gas, meaning hit the grocery store or gym on the way home

Consider car pooling with a friend, relative or coworker to split the gas and mileage cost. Take turns driving. If there is parking to be paid for this will save money on that too. Just make sure you have the same schedule.

There are even van pools for serious commuters.

Keep those tires inflated to maximize gas mileage

Change the engine air filter and oil as prescribed so the car runs well

Shop around as gas prices do vary by $0.10 to $0.20/gallon. Know which gas stations have better prices in your area. That can be savings of a few dollars per tank. Gas Buddy App is a good way to check.

If your company has a shuttle by all means take that if free.

Savings on Insurance

Avoid distracted driving. Drive steadily and pay attention to keep insurance costs low. Don’t crank the music or talk on the phone without hands free link or speakerphone to pay attention. If you wreck your insurance could double. Make sure it is the other guy’s/gal’s fault.

Some insurance companies like Progressive will give you a discount via Snapshot that is basically a tracker that monitors you driving. This is a bit too big brother for me but maybe you can save a few bucks.

Shop around on insurance as rates do change. Don’t be suckered by cute character marketing on TV. Insurance is a commodity. Flo from Progressive is not coming over to do your claim.

Make sure you have to right level of insurance. If you are driving a jalopy you likely won’t need collision coverage or can have a higher deductible.

Tolls for bridges and highways

Pay tolls via electronic transponder to get discounts if applicable. At least you won’t have to carry cash

At minimum they will speed things up at the toll booth

Just watch the bills to make sure you are not being lazy. If you can easily avoid that toll road you may want to do so.

Examples include Fast Lane, Easy Pass transponders, Seattle area also has such a system.

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