Fitness is Fabulous and Saves Money

Some people say cancel the gym to save money. I say not so fast. Perhaps you can find a more reasonably priced option. Physical fitness and financial fitness go hand in hand.

Why dropping the gym is not good

  • It makes you feel better and you need activities
  • You won’t need to buy new clothes because you got fat and now your old clothes don’t fit. The gym helps to keep the weight off.
  • Medical care is expensive. Stay healthy and keep the weight off for as long as you can. This is a long-term savings strategy here.
  • You will look better
  • It keeps you out of the mall or online where you may spend money
  • If you feel better about yourself then you won’t need to compensate with trips and online shopping

While you should evaluate the cost of the gym you need to balance it against the following.

  • How often do you go? If you go every day or every other day the cost per workout may not be that much as in a few dollars per day.
  • Are you seeing results?
  • Do you enjoy it?
  • Is it a place to socialize?
  • Is going to that gym enjoyable?
  • Do they have the classes you want?
  • If the answer to these questions is yes keep it. If no, you are in shape or have no plans to go then drop it to save some cash.

Ways to control the cost

  • Drop the high cost gym or sports club with annual membership commitments
  • Investigate a pay by month gym
  • If you are broke 24 Hour Fitness and Planet Fitness can be quite affordable as in $15-$20 per month
  • Investigate the local gyms such as the YMCA gym or regional rec center
  • Bring your own beverages and snacks. Don’t buy the high markup items there.

Ways to exercise without the gym and little cost!

  • Run! It’s free and fun as long as the weather holds up. Just be safe and run in during the day, not in traffic or wilderness areas. Ideally run with others to keep you motivated
  • Bike! Wear a helmet though
  • Join a sports league whether it be basketball, softballs, kickball whatever. These may have a minimal fee.
  • Play tennis on a public court

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