Cut the Cable TV umbilical cord?

Cutting the cord is quite popular now. Whether it is the right choice for you depends on a few things. Cable tv is most certainly expensive! Most cable tv and satellite tv packages run on the order of $120 $250 per month with internet. Ouch! So what should one do?

Your options basically boil down as follows.

Pay for cable and combine with internet in a bundle with a contract $150 – $200 per month with taxes

This isn’t cheap but bundling will save you some money if you combine cable and internet plus sign a one or two year commitment. So you are locked into spending but at a lower rate. When your contract runs out shop around and try to negotiate for a better deal or package. This might save your $50 per month but now you are stuck in a contract.

Plan on spending $120 to $150 per month this way. That’s a lot for a bunch of cable channels you will never watch. That’s akin to buying access to the all you can eat buffet every day when all you wanted was a sandwich and a cup of coffee for five bucks.

Cut the cord and stream while continuing to pay for internet only and the streaming channels you want $100 + per month

With this method you pay for internet access and try to cut costs by only paying for the streaming bundles you want. So internet at say $70 per month plus Disney + if you have kids, Hulu, ESPN +, Netflix etc.

This method will save you money but limit what you get so you need to think about what you really want. I like this option as it is ala carte instead of the buffet.

You can add a broadcast antenna to get many free digital channels to your streaming options. I recommend Mohu Leaf for $35.

Only buy the internet access: $70 per month or less

If you have debt this is the way to go! Cut those costs to the bone! You can watch a lot of content for free on the internet.

Then add a broadcast antenna like Mohu Leaf to pick up the major networks. On the plus side your Spanish will get better when as you will receive many Spanish channels too. : )

I used this approach when I was single and it worked well as it caused me to get active versus sitting at home.

The key here is to think about cost per use. If you don’t watch much tv then go cheap. If you live in an area with nothing to do you may want to pay more.

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