The Physical and Emotional Side of Mercury Detox

As mercury comes out of your nerves and brain you need to be prepared for the physical and emotional aspects of detox. What I mean by this is you may experience the following.

  1. Long forgotten memories may surface. These memories can be associated with emotions. They could be good or unpleasant. You may remember a certain event or time in vivid detail. It might not be the day you got a promotion but instead the day you got laid off or did poorly in a class or your relationship fell apart with an ex. Not all the past is rosy. As we get older our memories fade and golden. The past will seem better than it really was. The “good old times”. The mercury unlocked memories might not be so golden, they can be raw and real, not glossed over.
  2. These memories could make you reassess the past. You might think how could I not see that? How could I be so stupid? Why did I not do XYZ? I should have done ABC. Remember though you are seeing a situation experienced perhaps as a child, teenager or younger adult now with more adult wisdom and the benefit of hindsight.
  3. You might get more perceptive or sharper. That might lead you to see things about your current situation in a different light. You might conclude the job is not challenging enough for you or that a certain situation you were ok with no is less than satisfying. This is sort of like a veil being lifted causing you to see things a bit more clearly. You might realize your walls do need painting or carpet is terrible or one friend is a fair weather friend.
  4. Your sense of smell might improve. Smells that didn’t bother you might perceive more normally as the olfactory bulb is cleaned out. You might be like wow that smells really gross and nasty. I need to fix that or get that out of my house. Or that beer that I used to like actually smells like wet skunk and I can’t stand the smell of it.
  5. Your sense of taste might sharpen. So that wine or fast food you liked may not be acceptable any longer as it tastes cheap. I dislike certain brands of fast food now more than before because I can tell it’s full of unnatural ingredients and fillers.
  6. You may feel lethargic or itchy for a day or two post detox. This will go away.

Now there is no guarantee you will experience any of these things but as your nerve cells start working that were not working some might happen. It did to me after a while. I remembered certain things from the past that honestly annoyed me after using liposomal glutathione and also with cilantro to a lesser degree. My sense of smell became more acute and the smell of say dog poo and public restroom was more gross than usual.

My feeling is that the strong memories will fade but the senses will be sharper. I concluded that a coworker of mine who I thought was ok was actually lazy, not so smart and inept at his job as I observed him more closely. I saw through the fakery. I realized another one was smarter than I thought and more of a competitor to me. Hey it can happen.

My point is don’t be surprised if these things happen. Some people call it brain fog lifting but it’s more like you cleaned up a partly fogged windshield or dirty pair of sunglasses. The same stuff is there but you might see it more clearly. It is good in the long run as you now have better memory and better senses. Think of a PC where you defragment the disk drive and now the thing runs better and more smoothly. The changes can be subtle but you will not want to go back.

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