Liposomal Glutathione Mercury Detox Method

Ok so you might be wondering how one would use liposomal glutathione to detoxify mercury from the body and brain. As we have said before the first step is stopping input so no mercury amalgam fillings and they should have been out for at least six months. Also, no eating of long lived ocean fish high in mercury such as swordfish, shark etc. Here is one way you can do this and is the method I have used. Others may also work well or even better. I am no expert so find a method that works best for you.


As for when to do a detox I only do this on weekends in case it leaves one no groggy or lethargic. So you can do Friday evening and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday. Then during the week rest and eat as normal. That way one can be sharp for work or school during the week.

Sample process

  1. Start by eating a piece of cheese or two. We want something greasy with protein to help absorb the liposomes. If you are vegan try vegan cheese. Recall the liposome is a ball of fat that encapsulates the glutathione so we are going to absorb the stuff with the fat of the cheese. It is a trick on the body.
  2. Follow it up with two to four pills of L-Glutahione liposomal. I have used Setria L-Glutathione. These are 500 mg white capsules. I used Code Age brand but other Setria brands would also work. Setria is the one called out in the absorption study from the other post so I used that. Others could also work but I have not tried them. Start with a low dose first such as one or two pills to see how it goes and to make sure you can tolerate it. Later you can ramp up. Take the pills with water of 500 ml or 16 oz or more.
  3. Now you wait and let it absorb. It is possible you could feel some a bit lethargic or even tingling.
  4. I normally do this at night but you could also do this in the morning.
  5. Wait at least two to three hours for the stuff to absorb and circulate.
  6. After the allotted time or in the morning next day or end of the day if taken in the morning take a normal multivitamin multimineral, selenium yeast 100 microgram (or split a 200 mcg in half), two 500 mg vitamin C and one 400 mg vitamin E, two DHA molecularly purified fish oil pills all with food.
  7. Follow it up with whey protein shake. The whey protein provides lots of sulfur containing amino acids cysteine and methionine in large amounts to help metallothionein production and for cells to produce their own glutathione. Histidine is also needed for this protein formation. We are using this to mop up and mercury that has been freed up and to get it out of the body. See my posts on metallothionein and glutathione for details.
  8. Then eat food as normal with plenty of fluids, fiber and protein for detox. You could also drink tea and coffee as they are full of antioxidants. Maybe do another protein shake later in the day with some other protein.
  9. You can run once a weekend at first or twice but no more in my view as the body needs time to rest and detoxify. Plus you don’t want to feel too sluggish.

So as you clear out the next day or two you can see if you think clearer or remember things you didn’t in the past. It may take a day or two for you to feel fully clear headed. If it is working for you then you will know it. Some people call this brain fog lifting whereas I call it restoring optimal function. You may not feel anything and that is ok. Maybe you don’t have a lot of mercury in your body. I did as I was exposed for over twenty years. A side benefit you will from glutathione is good skin tone. Your skin will feel younger and smoother. No joke as that is what glutathione combined with vitamin C does. Look it up.

Feel free to experiment and see what works. Remember we are using various antioxidants here to detox not some chelator. But as in all things try in moderation first and go slowly.

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