Mercury Pathways Into the Brain

You might be wondering how does mercury vapor from the teeth get into the brain. Easy. The mercury vapor has two paths in my view.

Indirect path: As you breathe in air via the mouth this air passes the teeth and you inhale any mercury vapor that is released. There it can be absorbed with oxygen by the alveoli of the lungs. Once in the bloodstream it is transported all over the body and some to the brain.

In the bloodstream some of the mercury vapor is oxidized by the enzyme catalase. That oxidized mercury cannot penetrate the blood brain barrier as it now charged Hg2+ as it is no longer fat soluble. This happens in the red blood cells. This mercury can then be eliminated from the body and often ends up in the kidneys and liver first. Eventually it leaves the body. They say about half is oxidized.

That which does not get oxidized is free to enter any fatty cell membranes such as the blood brain barrier or other cells as it moves in with other gasses like oxygen and fat soluble molecules. Now the brain is not that big size wise but it uses lots and lots of calories and oxygen so it imports lots of nutrients. It is estimated that the brain uses 20% -25% or more of the body’s calories even though it only weights about a 1.4 kilograms or 3 pounds. Think of it as high end PC that consumes lots of power running a processor, RAM and hard drive. So perhaps 20% of what is not oxidized ends up in the brain. And there it stays for a long time as the Norwegian autopsy study showed. 20+ years or more. It is bound tightly and stuck. While the body might eliminate mercury within a year the brain does not. See below.

Direct path: This is the less obvious but potentially more dangerous path. At the base of the brain is a bundle of nerves called the olfactory bulb. This is how you and animals smell thinks like the aroma of say malty beer or foul odors. The nerves reach down into the upper nasal cavity and have a direct line to the olfactory bulb which is as the base of the brain. You can see it in the picture in pink below pre-frontal cortex as small narrow tube. This is why exposure to mercury vapor impacts your sense of smell first as the nerve does not function right. Recall that the mouth and upper nose are connected in the back of the throat. So as you exhale the vapor some goes into the nose in the front and some goes into the back. Either way it gets to the olfactory bulb and up it can travel in the fats/neurons.

Now where it goes from there is likely to the amygdala which is involved in memory formation and storage, especially memories associated with emotions. It can also move to the hippocampus which is next door. That structure is involved in storage and retrieval of memories like an index on a computer. This is why mercury may lead to memory loss as the index does not function well so the memory is lost. Later when mercury is removed the mercury can be retrieved. Sort of like “file not found” on a computer. The file may be there but be locked or unable to be located.

Finally, the olfactory bulb is right below the pre-frontal cortex. This part of the brain is involved in decision making and thinking. When it gets polluted one cannot analyze things correctly, makes rash decisions and may act impulsively. Some call this brain fog. These are all hallmarks of classic mercury poisoning. Look at the picture and it starts to make sense. Once in the brain in these areas functionality is impacted. Read the post on MESH code theory and you will see the mechanism of the talin switches get stuck.

So there you have it. My guess on how mercury vapor impacts the brain.

See article below on how the brain works.

So what can you do?

  1. Don’t get mercury amalgam dental fillings regardless of what someone tells you. Opt for safer materials.
  2. Get such fillings removed and replaced with safer materials if you have them. Safer materials being white fillings, ceramic inlays and onlays. Mercury is a dangerous toxin. There is no need to put it into your body. If you can’t put it into trash in the form of a fluorescent light bulb you most certainly should not put it into your body.
  3. Don’t eat long lived fish as they accumulate mercury via the food chain. Stick with shorter lived fish like salmon.
  4. Once you have no mercury input your can look at detox options. I have noted several here but liposomal glutathione and whey protein along with vitamin C, E and fish oil for DHA with a multivitamin/mineral will help.

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