Part 3 Detox: How I Stumbled Upon the Dangers of Mercury Amalgam Dental fillings

So once you have removed the source of the mercury meaning the mercury amalgam dental fillings and stopped eating of high mercury long lived fish now comes the tricky part. Remember it was stated in the journals that the half life of mercury in the body is around 120 days. That means half has come out in 120 days. Then another 120 days to go to 1/4 (240 days) and then another 120 to go to 1/8 (360) and another to go to 1/16 (480) . Make sense? That will be like two years to get most out of your body after the fillings are gone.

You can help the mercury get out faster by doing the following

  1. Eat plenty of fiber rich goods and drink plenty of water to flush it out
  2. Take a fat soluble antioxidants (vitamin E)
  3. Take a water soluble antioxidants (vitamin C)
  4. Take a daily multi vitamin/multimineral like say Centrum chewable etc.
  5. Selenium Yeast (organic form ) 100 ug to absorb more easily. Binds to mercury and component of detox enzymes (glutathionine)
  6. Fish oil/DHA with EPA to rebuild brain cells and also acts as antioxidant
  7. You can try chlorella tablets as they supposedly bind mercury in the gut

Now that your body is clean are we done? Maybe. Recall the articles said the half life of mercury in the brain is longer due to tight binding to SH groups and that dental amalgam gives off mecury vapor. Some of this vapor Hg +0 is absorbed by the brain where it is oxidized to inorganic mercury HG+2 and becomes bound. So once your body is clean your brain can still contain some mercury. Researchers suspect this half life is on the order of years.

How do you get mercury out of the brain?

  • It will come out naturally over time but slowly. Wait. Years.
  • You can try to slowly pull it out a little faster. Studies have shown a thiol compound in cilantro leaf may be able to cross the blood brain barrier and other cell membranes to extract bound mercury to bring it out so that it can be removed by the body. It has a fat soluble thiol with an SH end to bind mercury and mobilize it out of the brain. You would basically add some leaf to your cold food here and there like bahn mi or taco to see if it does anything. Don’t cook it. Just a little not too much. If it does work you will perhaps recall some old memories all of a sudden.
    • You will need to be keep doing all the process above to help the body push out what moves from the brain into the body. It’s not a true chelator from what I have read but more of a mobilizer. This is why you need to make sure your body is clean first, plus you have no fillings so that you don’t move things into the brain. Out of the brain to the body and then out is what we want.
    • If it doesn’t work well the meal is more tasty as in thai, vietnaese or mexican food tasty. Enjoy that soup, bahnmi, burrito or taco.
    • Personally I think there may be some truth to this. I’ve had my fillings out for years but I’ve eaten food with cilantro only to later feel temporary mercury like symptoms and also remember life events from long ago like they were frozen in time. That seems like it works. I thought it was bs to be honest but upon looking at what compounds are in cilantro from the scienttific article here it lists only two sulfur containing compounds (thiols) out of fifty. Mercury loves to bind with sulfur and selenium so this makes sense. It think it may be the one of the two based on some limited organic chemistry knowledge (Gamma Thionodecalactone). The other is E2-ethyl 3 methylthiophane. Thio means has sulfur btw.
  • A doctor may be able to pull it out with a medical chelator like DMSA. Supposedly that can cross the blood brain barrier but I would not mess with it without a doctor as you can really harm yourself. You can’t buy it anyways in most places. It will bind to all sort of metals creating a nutrient defiency.

I figured I would share to warn people of the dangers of these fillings. People are still getting these from what I hear. Like I said do not get these mercury amalgam dental fillings. They are more dangerous than people think. I believe twenty years from now people will look upon their usage in the same way that we look at things known to be dangerous now like asbestos, smoking, PCBs, radiation etc. They will be like what were they thinking? Don’t be a statistic or that experimental guinea pig.

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