To the Doubters: Mercury Amalgam Dental Fillings Are Dangerous To Your Health

So there are plenty of people including the American Dental Association that claim there is no proof that mercury fillings are harmful so please consider the following facts. They are wrong.

  1. Silver amalgam mercury fillings do release mercury as vapor and this can be proven. That mercury shows up in the urine, feces, hair, toenails, fingernails and tissue of those people with such fillings. It can be measured. When the fillings are removed the levels decline.
  2. The vapor released can also be measured via scientific instruments
  3. I measured the decline in my own mercury blood levels as you can see in another post. How come the levels went down big time once the fillings were removed? The only answer is the fillings were releasing mercury.

Ok it is released but it is all excreted? Are you sure about that?

  1. Mercury accumulates in the brains, kidneys, liver and blood of the people who have them proportionally to the the number of amalgam surfaces. We have found this via human autopsy studies and via animal experiments in monkeys and rats.
  2. Where does the portion you excrete end up? In the environment around you. In the air you breathe, the food you eat and the water you drink. As they old saying goes “don’t shit where you sleep”

Ok it accumlates in the brains, kidney, blood and other organs. However it does not do harm? Are you sure about that?

  1. Mercury in the brain and other tissues causes oxidative stress. Oxidative stress damages and kills neurons. Oxidative stress has been shown to be a cause of Alzheimers and other damage just like excess alcohol.
  2. Mercury Hg 0 is able to cross the blood brain barrier in vapor form and accumulates in the brain. However once there it is oxidized to Hg 2+ which has high affinity for sulfohydryl (SH) groups in enzymes and on neurons rendering them inactive and ineffective. That means less processing power, memory and slower processing just like on a PC or smartphone.
  3. The binding of mercury leads to memory loss, emotional issues, anger, difficulty concentrating, sleep disturbances, tremor and lethargy as these chemical processes and enzymes are disturbed.
  4. Some people with one APOE4 genotype or two are more harmed by oxidative damage than others. This gene is on chromosome 19. This isn’t like one percent of the population. It’s over 30%! So one cannot just look at averages.

Ok mercury does those things and causes damage to the brain but does not harm the patient? Are you sure about that?

  1. A person with memory loss is not harmed?
  2. A person with a tremor is not harmed?
  3. A person who can’t sleep well is not harmed?
  4. A person who cannot concentrate well at work or school is not harmed?
  5. A person who misses out on social interactions, dates and friends is not harmed?
  6. A person who doesn’t get promoted at work or into the college of their liking is not harmed?
  7. A person whose sports ability is reduced and doesn’t make the team is not harmed?
  8. A person who develops Alzheimers later is not harmed?

But you cannot quantify that harm so it’s not real? Are you sure about that?

  1. How much less per year does that person make who doesn’t get promoted? Maybe $20K less per year over 20 years. $400K.
  2. How much less does that person make who goes to a local university versus say Harvard or Stanford as they don’t perform as well on the SAT or ACT? Hundreds of thousands.
  3. How much per year does it cost to put grandma or grandpa in a memory care home per year? Try like $50K per year!
  4. How much money is wasted on pharmaceuticals, medicines, doctors visits per year in total by people? Billions.

So we have refuted all these bs points these people make.

Who benefits from the use this dangerous substance? Follow the money!

  1. Insurance companies who don’t want to pay for more expensive alternative dental materials and procedures so their shareholders can be rewarded at your expense
  2. Dentists who can make more money by doing more fillings. The mercury fillings are faster and easier to do than ceramic inlays. More fillings means more money and Porsches for the dentists.
  3. Dentists are also afraid of massive lawsuits as they have installing these fillings for years. The dental association, government like FDA and medical establishment too. It would destroy them. They must very slowly move away so as not to alert attention or trial lawyers. Instead the WHO has advised dentist globally to gradually phase out use of mercury. Hmm I wonder why.
  4. Bleeding gums with pockets mean more dental cleanings for hygenists too. Dentists in turn markup these cleanings. Have you noticed how dentists have a whole bunch of cleaners? Yeah because they take a cut of those billings as the practice owner.
  5. Pharmaceutical companies selling all sorts of medicines that cover up the symptoms like allergies, depression, anxiety, heartburn, memory loss, heart disease. How much revenue to Pfizer, Novartis etc make per year? Hundreds of billions. Enough to constantly advertise on sports programming.
  6. Doctors that treat things like allergies and depression

Why is it that some countries allow mercury fillings while others do not? Again the answer comes down to money! That’s really what this blog is about!

  1. Those countries that don’t allow mercury like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Korea and Brazil mainly have single payer state sponsored healthcare. That means national health insurance.
  2. A single payer system is very interested in keeping total costs down. By this I mean they are willing to spend more upfront to prevent bigger bills in the future. As those who pay the prevention are also the same people that end up paying for the pharmaceuticals, doctors visits, memory care lodging etc.
  3. They want to minimize total cost by keeping the population as healthy as possible as if they don’t taxes will go up. And if the taxes go up they go up for everyone including the doctors, dentists and adminstrators that run the system.
  4. They have a vested interest in the best outcome for the patient as they are the taxpayer and the patient themselves. There is only one hearthcare system. Make sense?

Oh yeah next time you run into these proponents ask them the following.

  1. Do you have mercury fillings yourself or are you just pimping this poison onto others?
  2. What kind fillings are in your mouth?
  3. How many mercury fillings do you have?
  4. How long have you had these fillings?
  5. Would you put this into your own children, siblings, spouses and relatives?
  6. How many mercury fillings does your son or daughter have?
  7. Will you pay for my memory care or healthcare if I get sick from these?
  8. How come other countries forbid the use of mercury fillings but the USA and Canada or UK or your country do not?
  9. How do you explain all these reputable scientific articles that contradict everything you say?

I bet what you find is that they don’t have such fillings and neither do their children or relatives. But it’s ok for YOU to have them. Hmm. Sounds very suspect.

Do not get these mercury amalgam fillings! If you have them get them replaced. Tell your friends, relatives and coworkers not to get them. Your future self will thank you. Think for yourself and do some research. This is not hypochondriac fantasy but a real thing hurting the health of real people like you and me. Do your own research if you don’t believe me. Look specifically at scientific journal studies. You can find them on this blog and also just by searching Google.

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