Part 2 Tests: How I Stumbled Upon The Dangers of Mercury Amalgam Dental Fillings

So we have discussed that mercury gets into the body from mercury dental amalgam fillings and how it builds up over time. Once in the body it builds up as not all is eliminated. The scientific journal articles back this up as you have seen. They are from Norway, Ireland, Korea and Brasil as you see. None from the USA as this topic is taboo or covered up. Go figure.

Hair Level Mercury Testing in micro grams per gram

Hair supposedly picks up mostly methyl mercury aka organic mercury from fish (Hg-CH3). However I rarely ate fish so it must have come from the teeth as the primary care doctor said. Note how the hair mercury level which is really blood mercury level declines after removal. Mercury vapor gets into the bloodstream via the lungs. From there hair is built from blood. So from there we can deduce that the dental amalgams were the source as I made no other changes in lifestyle. I lived in the same city apartment and ate the same things as usual for the next several years. The only variable was the dental mercury amalgam removal. The actual blood level of mercury may have been much higher as hair is supposedly poor at capturing inorganic mercury.

Associated lead levels also decline as the body is not overwhelmed by mercury and can now get rid of any lead from old water pipes, lead paint, environmental polution etc.

Aluminum levels also declines fast after removal. While aluminum is not toxic per se it has no biological pupose in the body and it is associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Yikes.

Note I don’t use an aluminum based deodorant and neither should you due to the Alzheimer’s link. There are plenty of good aluminum free ones out there like Polo, CK Eternity, Armani, whatever big brand you can think of. Yeah they cost more but they last longer. Just look on the label to make sure it’s not there. There are also cheap store brands like Old Spice, Axe and Speed Stick. Note these are deodorants not anti-perspirants.

Cadmium levels: Cadmium comes out as the mercury comes out. This comes from cigarette smoke but I don’t smoke. Tobacco is really good at absorbing it from the soil so if you smoke or around cigarette smoke like in a bar you will get some cadmium. You could theoretically also get this from nickel cadmium batteries but now they are all now NiMh.

Mineral Imbalances caused by mercury

As we have discussed the presence of mercury causes mineral imbalances such as between copper and zinc. In this case Copper meaning Cu is elevated and zinc was depressed. Note the rapid normalization post removal.

I hope these posts and articles have given you something to think about in regard to the safety of mercury amalgam dental fillings. So let’s review.

  1. Mercury amalgam dental fillings give off mercury vapor that you absorb through your lungs into your blood
  2. Some mercury is absorbed and some is excreted
  3. The mercury builds up in the body over time mainly in the brain, kindeys and liver
  4. The best way to not have mercury build up is to not have such fillings in your mouth
  5. Effective ways to test are the hair metal test and toenail/fingernail tests
  6. Once the fillings have been replaced with a safer material the mercury will gradually come out
  7. There is no need to use any chemical to chelate. Let it come out on its own taking antioxidants (vitamin E and C), selenium and fish oil/DHA
  8. Eat plenty of fiber rich goods and drink plenty of water to flush it out
  9. Once you are clean you can try to add a little fresh cilantro to your food to push out the rest. A thiol compound in cilantro may be able to cross the blood brain barrier to extract bound mercury to bring it out so that it can be removed.
  10. Also stay away from long lived fish like shark, bluefin tuna, swordfish as they bioaccumlate mercury from the small fish they eat. Stick with smaller fish like salmon, anchovies etc. that don’t live as long so don’t have the ability to accumulate.
  11. Watch out too as mercury has been found in high fructose corn syrup. See my other post. Use products with real sugar or unsweetened. Check the labels.

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