Pricey smoking can cost you a house

A recession is a great time to stop smoking to save money. It’s very expensive and the numbers over a long period of time are staggeringly large, as in buy a house large! Look at the examples below to see the true cost. BTW the same can be said of chewing tobacco, marijuana cigarettes, cigars etc. 

Example #1: Peter Puffer

If Peter Puffer smokes 1 pack a day at $8/day that amounts to $2920/year! Over twenty years that is $58,400 plus the interest he could have made on investing that money instead. With interest at 7%/year it is $126,758 in total. That can buy six new cars or a cheap house in some parts of the country.

Example #2: Peter Puffer really puffs up

If Peter Puffer smokes 2 packs per day at $16/day that is $5840/year. Over thirty years $175,200. With interest at 7% and invested that is $593,720!!!!

The guy could have bought a really nice house or two in some parts of the country. Hello beach house? How about taking $16/day and putting it into your investment fund to get that nice house or city condo? Wow!

  • The moral here is that smoking is very expensive financially over the long run
  • Health insurers will charge you more if you smoke.
  • Don’t vape either. That’s another expense you don’t need.
  • The same with weed, chew, snuff etc.
  • Daily habits turn into big spend, especially when the product is addictive

Boozing on the cheap

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