Saving money on weekends is easy

I’ve talked about saving money during the week but the weekend is when we let it all hang out right? And that is what makes it hard to be frugal. Everyone wants to enjoy after a long work week. However there are certain ways to save that we have touched upon.

Drinking: Limit the amount you spend out

Try to limit the amount of drinking when you go out. Drinking at home or the homes of friends, coworkers, relatives etc. is so much cheaper. When you go out pints are $6 to $7 and glasses of wine are in the same range. Mixed drinks are even more but made with cheap well liquor. Those same beer pints or wine glasses are $1 to $3 at home. No bad even if you get the fancy stuff.

For example I went to a BBQ at friend’s house with the wife. We bought a 12 pack of Modelo bottles that cost us $14 at Target. People loved the beer and there was a lot. That’s all we needed to spend for the whole evening. Each of us ate and had three drinks each. No way we could do that on the town for $14.

Consider happy hours if you go earlier.

Often drinks and apps are on special and deals are ok. Plus you will likely get a good table too as your favorite place.  Make that your meal as in Spanish style tapas.

If you do go out to eat follow my advice on dining out.

Skip the drinks and appetizer and desert. Just order the meal itself. Given restaurant meals are big cut the portion in half and take the other half home so you can bring it to work on Monday. This will save you money as you get two meals for the price of one and also save you extra hours at the gym as you won’t be eating an 1800 kcal meal. Staying slim and saving money is the win win!!! Plus you will save on clothes as you don’t get fat. See my posts on dining out and fitness.

As a general rule my family goes out to eat only once per week to keep things in check. If I want to drink I do so at home or with friends. I don’t buy cheap beer for home like Pabst or Rolling Rock. I get whatever I feel like and keep a stocked mini fridge for myself and the friends that come over.

For singles this gets a big tougher but try to make trade offs and set a budget. Either drink and eat cheap food like falafel, donner kebaps, burritos, gyros, sausages or skip the drinks and have a nice meal. Not both.

Don’t be a sucker for fancy wine bottles. You can look at such wine actually costs online on your phone. Just get the house wine or table wine carafe as that is the better deal and you likely won’t be able to tell the difference. Plus if you see a nice bottle on the take a pic of the menu and go find it at the local liquor store later. Drink it later on the balcony, rooftop, back deck etc.

Avoid shopping out of boredom. Lots of people shop in stores or online on weekends as they have free time. Stick to your budget and only buy what you need. You can always put the online stuff in your e cart and if you still want it three days from now and you can afford it you can get it then. For most people the urge to impulse buy then will be over.

The same applies with stores. Use rule of mama where you put the item in the cart of 30 minutes and walk around. If you still want it you can get it.

Remember it’s a not a deal even if on sale if it’s something you don’t need in the first place.

Try to find healthy and social activities that won’t cost you a dime.

Go to the gym you already pay for

Hang out with friends and relatives

Watch a movie you’ve already paid for like on Netflix

Play a sport, tennis, basketball, soccer, run 5K

Go hiking


Walk the dog in the park

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