About This Frugal Living Blog

I wrote this blog after seeing people around me living beyond their means, taking on too much debt and not saving enough for retirement. The more I looked around I saw this everywhere whether it be with coworkers buying very expensive trucks and SUVs to younger people struggling with student loans. Having been in debt myself in the past for student loans to the tune of $50K and having a sizable car loan, I decided to write an educational blog for people to learn from.

This site focuses first on the basics of frugal living to save money on everyday expenses then moves onto creating budgets. Next we touch upon loans such as credit cards, student loans and car loans along with other types of debt and learn how to evaluate payments. Finally we move onto retirement savings and investments.

Many people don’t know what to do with money once they have started to accumulate savings so they stick it in a savings account where gains are minimal. They have the savings and debt repayment part right but they are missing the third leg of the stool of financial stability and that is investing. Without smart investing we have to work and save harder to meet our long-term goals. Instead the goal is to live within reason, pay off debt and then get those extra funds to grow while we continue adding funds to the pot. We want the money to work for us while we work for the money.

I hope you enjoy the tips and they help you out.

– Mr. Cash Hoarder

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