Corporate Discounts Can Save You Money

Corporate discounts are sometimes available to those frugal living folks who ask. So if you work for a big name company go ahead and ask when you shop. The worst they can do say is no. I have found corporate discounts on several items such these items.

Cell/mobile phone plans in the range of 18-20% off your bill.

They will send an email to your HR or email address that you verify. This ensures that you actually still work there.

  • Sprint
  • T-mobile

Iphone accessories at Apple

10% off cases for example. $4 off. All I had to do was show some sort of ID with a logo. In this case it was an insurance card. If you bought something bigger like air pods or a charger savings would be bigger.

Note: Some places will just need to see an id. They don’t ask to see if you still work there. 

Save on rent?

One apartment complex gave me a corporate discount on rent of $100/month in the Midwest as the company did their corporate housing and put up their expats there.

Employee Stores and Member Sales

Some companies even have employee stores selling the merchandise they make. At certain times of year employees get passes to give to their friends as guests. Several big name apparel firms in my town do this. These are usually 40% off and good deals if you can get access to them. Think winter coats, ski/outdoors wear, athletic apparel and shoes. I have also seen this with toiletries and food products. It all depends on where you live and whether there are consumer goods companies there with such locations and you have such connections.

Another sort of corporate discount I found was a sale to purchase returned merchandise. This was the REI member garage sale. I ended up with a really nice North Face shell jacket for $25 that normally cost $120. It smelled a bit of smoke but a few days out on the balcony and it smelled fine.

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn…

Ask them if they have a corporate rate. If no then AAA as below if you have it. Just make sure that the discounted rate is less than what you would get on a travel site.

Many places also offer a AAA discount to members.  AAA also has hotel discounts of around 5% at many hotels. 5% off say $200 is $10. Cool. We have AAA as my household drives a lot for work and there is nothing like a long tow home to break the budget, even though there is an annual membership fee. It’s sort of like tow truck insurance.

AARP: If you are older obviously there is AARP which has all kinds of deals.

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