Learning More about Investing

Now that you know a little about saving and investing it’s time to dig in a bit deeper. Here are some resources for newbies to help you go deeper.

Investments books such as textbooks

  • Introduction to Investments is a college level text that is good. Try to find an old edition used copy on Amazon or the local bookstore.
  • An introductory finance book may also be helpful. Again go used.

Periodicals for improving your business and economics knowledge

  • Barron’s: This is investing focused. (Weekly not daily. First year usually $60. Then they raise the price. I get this one for example)
  • WSJ/Wall Street Journal (expensive, try to pick up free copies if you see them at hotel stays)
  • Bloomberg Business Week
  • Economist
  • Financial Times

Courses at community colleges and local state universities

  • Introduction to finance
  • Investments
  • Corporate finance
  • Options and futures (advanced course)

Learn to use a financial calculator or the financial functions in Excel.

I show you how to do these on this blog.

Good calculators in my opinion are

  • HP 12C Platinum (not the regular HP12C gold colored with RPN entry)
  • TI BA II Plus
  • Sharp EL series 733A, 738 FB, 738C
  • HP17 BII
  • There are also emulators you can download that mimic the HP 12C platinum on your phone or PC.

Some are $30 new, others $25 used and $50 new and you can get them cheaper used on Ebay. Check Amazon too deals on new. Make sure to get the manual. There are also videos on You Tube that show you how to use them like the screen grab from the guy showing you how to use the Sharp EL-738.

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