Clipping Coupons?

I have mixed feelings about coupons. I don’t like to clip them. I feel couponing leads to more consumption. It’s better not to buy at all than to get a deal on something you didn’t need to buy in the first place.

I do use coupons and discounts when possible but only if it is for something I was going to buy anyways.

For example when my car needed new tires I shopped around and waited. Lo and behold Costco had a promotion on Michelin Premier tires of $90/set savings. I used that promotion code to get the deal as I needed to buy them anyways.

There are promo codes and discounts out there. Use them! But don’t buy things you were not going to buy. It’s not a good deal if you buy something you don’t need even if it is cheaper.

A sale is not always a sale either. Notice at some stores stuff is always on sale. Well that’s not a sale then but the normal list price. Soda 12 packs seem to always be on promo. 4/$12 etc. Either it’s Coke or Pepsi products are on sale. Buy the on sale if you drink soda. Wait for the sale and the stock up. In the trade this is called pantry loading. Companies hate when consumers do this but for us it’s great.

You can also get discounts on cell phone plans if you work for certain big companies. It doesn’t hurt to ask. You may get 20% off your bill. I did with Sprint.

The goal is to minimize outflows without being miserable. We have to be clever meaning smart and that is why this blog is titled such. That is the beauty of cost avoidance.

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