Be your own handyman, lawn boy and maid

Do your own work around the house

You should not be paying someone to mow your lawn, shovel your driveway, clean your house etc. No. you do it and save the cash. Do it on weekends when you have time. A dollar saved is a dollar earned and then invested!

You can also do your own home repairs like fixing a leaky toilet, painting rooms, changing out a faucet, shower head, toilet seat etc. There are lots of guides, videos and sites for home repairs online so I am not going to get into that here. Be Bob Vila!

I hire an electrician for that type of stuff. Know when the to bring in a pro for complicated tasks such as siding, electrical and plumbing.

Example installing a new ceiling fan.

When I purchased my current foreclosure house the big ceiling fan in the living room was broken. At first I thought the remote was broken but the whole thing needed to be replaced.

My electrician quoted me $200 to do the install once I bought the fan I liked. Hmm. Instead I purchased the fan at Home Depot, assembled the fan myself from the box and then had the electrician hang it and install the wiring for $85. I saved $115 by buying it and doing the assembly myself before using him to do the wiring. I only needed him for the electrical not the assembly.

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