Debt in retirement is a big no no

Never take debt into retirement or accumulate debt in retirement. You may have to go back to work full time! Not cool and they may not hire you for high paying jobs as you’ve been out of the workforce for too long. Your skills may have atrophied.

Plan to have your house/ condo/townhouse paid off by the time you retire. You don’t need mortgage payments eating into your retirement check.

Large car loans are also bad. Avoid them.

Don’t go heavily into debt to fund your children’s education. You can help them out but they need skin in the game and make sensible choices.

If you have debt keep on working before retiring. Fixed incomes and debt are a bad combination.

I’ve seen retirees resort to reverse mortgages to fund a lifestyle. Don’t do it. You need to live someplace and nursing homes are expensive. Once the reverse is done the bank kicks you out. Then you will have to rent. Instead you could sell the house to fund your old age care.

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