Save on dining out

Dining out tends to be expensive however it is good and necessary to go out once in a while to socialize with friends and relax. How does one have fun without blowing the bank? Here are some useful tips.

  • Try to limit dining out to once or twice a week. This is best saved for weekends as a treat after a long week.
  • Don’t buy drinks of any sort, drink water. Most sodas are just empty calories that you will have to burn off later at the gym.
  • Avoid the appetizers. They are expensive. Just get the meal.
  • Take the meal and split in half as most meals are too big and will make you fat anyways as most restaurants meals are 1200 to 1600 kcal or more. Bring the other half to work the next day or next work day. That $17 entrée suddenly becomes two $8.50 meals.
  • Drink alcohol at home. Invite friends over. That six dollar beer pint or eight dollar glass of wine will buy you a whole six pack or bottle of moderate wine. Plus you won’t make bad decisions about desert too.
  • Use coupons if you have them. There is no shame. Most chain restaurants and pizzerias have frequent diner clubs and coupons. My family often gets a free burger at a place called Red Robbin
  • If you are going to drink then stick to bottled beer. Those are cheap and you know how much you are taking in by counting them. Better yet just drink at home or with friends. That way your decision making isn’t clouded so your order the dessert and a bunch of expensive things. Also you won’t worry about driving home as you will already be home.
  • Avoid mixed drinks as they are expensive and are mainly made with low end well liquor. For $15 you can get a nice bottle of vodka, tequila, gin etc. that will make thirty drinks for you and your friends. Margarita mix is cheap at grocery stores too.
  • Create going out type experiences at home. Summer is a great time to barbecue and invite friends over. Have each person bring a dish to share. You will likely get invited to other such parties in return. Drinks will be cheap as you bought them in bulk.
  • In the fall you host a football viewing party and invite people over to tailgate with you at home. Again invite people to bring over their favorite snack or beverages.

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