Mercury Will Wreck Your Brain Hard Drive (Mesh Code Theory)

In past posts I have mentioned that the human brain works like an organic computer. I have found a detailed scientific theory that backs this up. See scientific article here “The Mechanical Basis of Memory – the MeshCODE Theory”. It is a a very good article. It states essentially that the brain uses protein folding in in sequences to store memories like a binary 1 and 0 computer. How these proteins fold determines the code of data such as 0101001. Neato. The brain uses an index database to code and retrieve data just like your pc from its hard drive. And it is very fast at doing this.

So what does this have to do with mercury in the brain?

A lot! Recall we mentioned that mercury loves to bind to proteins with SH groups. Well these proteins do have plenty of them. My guess is that by mercury binding to the memory coding and processing switches it inactivates the protein sort of like a light switch stuck in the middle. The switch cannot be turned on or off. It is stuck meaning broken. When this happens at your house you call and electrician to install a new switch or do it yourself with some handyman tools. You can replace a light switch at home but not in your brain. You will need to repair that switch!

That means to fix the switch you need to get the mercury out of the switches so it can work again. The memory or knowledge cannot be retrieved as the switch or index to get to it is broken. Another analogy is a fragmented disk drive. The data is there but you cannot access it. Perhaps it is the indexing that gets wrecked by mercury in the brain? That would explain how you can retrieve long forgotten memories by getting the mercury out. The article actually discusses how broken switches could resemble Alzheimer’s disease. Recall we said mercury cause memory loss in the same way. Perhaps the same mechanism?

What are the impacts of stuck switches or broken index? How this impacts you

  • Slower thinking due to less neuro transmission. Think 90% versus 100% signal
  • Loss of memory: long term memories are locked up and can’t be accessed
  • Working memory is reduced
  • Fine motor tremors: Not enough signal sent from brain to peripheral nerves
  • Less coordination/ clumsiness: Signals not sent strongly enough to the body
  • Depression: Lower level of transmission of serotonin, dopamine, other happy chemicals etc.
  • Hard to sleep: Not enough transmission of serotonin or relaxing neurotransmitters or overstimulation of nerve cells
  • Nervousness/jittery feeling/restlessness: Overstimulation and not enough calming neurotransmitter
  • Irritability/over emotional/easily angered/bad temper: neurotransmitter imbalance
  • Shyness/timidity: same as for depression
  • Impulsiveness or rash decision making
  • Difficulty concentrating or focusing
  • Need for lots of sleep to feel refreshed

What can you do? The key is to avoid mercury, especially dental filling mercury vapor as it goes to the brain via your lungs.

Some will also go straight into your brain via the olfactory bulb nerves in your nose that go straight into the brain. This is the easiest path and why your sense of smell is worse. From there it can migrate to the hippocampus which is nearby and is the index to the brain database. If the index is off the memory cannot be retrieved and short term flash type memory suffers.

  • Don’t get mercury amalgam dental fillings. This is major source of mercury vapor as it evaporates from the filling which you breathe into the lungs and nose and then crosses the blood brain barrier into the brain. There is gets trapped once it is oxidized.
  • Have them replaced with safer materials like composite fillings and porcelain inlays if you have them. They look better, feel better and are safer.
  • Remove mercury from your brain and body with liposomal glutathione to bind it and push it out once you don’t have such fillings any more. I don’t care what brand you use. I have used Code Age for example but it has to be liposomal or it won’t work. By liposomal it means the glutathione is wrapped in fat to prevent it from being broken down by the stomach enzymes.
An example of liposomal glutathione capsules
  • I also recommend eating plenty of protein, especially whey protein as it has the amino acid building blocks needed to produce your own glutathione and metalthionein metal binders that will help you to detox
  • You can also use cilantro leaf and chlorella once such fillings are out. The cilantro will remove tightly bound mercury including in the brain. There is a mercaptan chemical containing sulfur in there that binds mercury that is fat soluble. Just buy the leaves at the grocery store and add to your food. You can buy chlorella tablets at a health food store. The latter helps absorb in in your gut so you can eliminate it preventing recirculation. The issue with cilantro is that you have to eat a bunch of it. The Liposomal glutathione is easier in my view as it is more concentrated so you get 250 mg of active ingredient at a shot instead of 0.25 mg.
  • Naturally detox via time and antioxidants like fish oil, vitamin E and C
  • Avoid eating long lived fish that bioaccumulate methyl mercury like swordfish, shark, big tuna. Salmon is much better if you want to eat fish. You can also molecularly distilled fish oil for DHA.
  • Avoid corn syrup when possible due to potential mercury contamination from some sources. The problem is some sources are contaminated from the mercury catalyst and some are not but you have no way to know what you are getting so best to avoid.

So be smart, not dumber. Improve that computer in your head.

Reading on where memories are stored in the brain.

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