DHA is Great for Your Brain

DHA is great for your brain. DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) comes from the blue green algae that fish eat. It is a type of healthy fat. The fish don’t actually make the DHA they just accumulate it. Then the fish oil is extracted from these small fatty fish like anchovy, salmon, sprat and molecularly distilled to remove impurities like mercury and PCBs.

Why is DHA so good for your brain?

  • DHA is a key building block of grey matter, neurons etc. Think of it as one of the main Lego blocks involved in brain building
  • Increases neurotransmission so thus better and faster thinking
  • Improves memory
  • Wards off brain shrinkage in old age
  • Functions as powerful antioxidants to fight free radicals
  • Promotes neuron/brain cell growth and connectivity
  • See the scientific article below for the details in PDF form
  • Reverses mercury induced oxidation damage to brain cells
  • Has been shown to help with some types of depression basically due to brain cells communicating better with each other

What kind of fish oil is best?

  • Molecularly distilled to remove impurities like mercury, PCBs, other toxins
  • Made from small fish that have less time to bioaccumulate toxins like anchovy, sprat, salmon
  • Has been independently lab quality tested

Where else can I get DHA?

  • From short lived fatty fish like salmon, anchovy etc. Never eat long lived fish like shark, swordfish, dolphin, whale, large tuna as they are full of bioaccumulaive toxins like mercury.
  • Eggs, especially the brown, natural, free range chicken eggs tend to have it as the chickens eat bugs and natural things. The factory farmed eggs have much less DHA. Pay up for the free range eggs as they are better for you and the chickens too.
  • From DHA infused milk. Kids need to drink this as their brains are developing.
  • From algae source pills which get it direct from the blue green algae
  • Baby formula often has it as does breast milk. I don’t recommend you drink either unless you are a baby. Ha. You could buy baby formula but it tastes awful. Those of us who have kids know it.

How should I eat the fish oil pills?

  • Eat them with a meal, ideally one with some fatty components to help with absorbtion
  • Follow the directions on dosing as DHA acts as blood thinner so no too many pills

What else is in fish oil?

Fish oil also contains EPA which is another healthy fat good for the brain. It also helps with neurotransmission

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