More Damning Mercury Amalgam Facts

Is mercury tooth amalgam safe? Likely no. Here is an interesting article published by the European Union on mercury amalgam toxicity. I have included the full article and extracts for your reading. Read on and digest.

What is the most dangerous pathway for mercury exposure?

Inhalation not ingestion. 80% of mercury vapor given off by the amalgam filling is absorbed by the lungs. Then it enters the bloodstream and circulates. It is slowly oxidized and eliminated within 90 days via urine and feces. Ok good. However some makes it way to the brain where it is oxidized into Hg2+ and gets trapped binding to various enzymes in brain cells. From there it cannot be eliminated easily as it stuck behind the blood brain barrier. Only a fat soluble chemical can get in or out without transport. Hg2+ is not fat soluble. There it stays for half life of 20 years or more. Half life meaning half is gone in 20 years, and 3/4 gone in 40 years. Ouch. In fact they have done autopsy studies to show high levels of mercury in brains and kidneys proportional to the number of fillings. See article below.

What are the symptoms of low level exposure?

  1. Tremor in finger, eyelids, muscles. They start very small
  2. Excitability or nervousness or feelings of unease
  3. Gingivitis/ gum irritation/bleeding, mouth sores from mercury irritating it
  4. Memory loss, forgetfulness
  5. Kidney damage and liver damage
  6. Possible immune issues like cold susceptibility
  7. Protein in urine as body tries to get rid of it
  8. Mineral imbalances
  9. Depression

How about long term exposure?

  • Mercury has been linked to lipid oxidation meaning brain fat oxidation.
  • Mercury has been linked to Alzheimers Disease, especially in people with the APOE4 genotype on chromosome 19. About 25% of people have one copy of this variant and around 3% have both bad variants. Note an early symptom above is forgetfulness. Hmm. Alzheimers is like ultra forgetfulness really aka brain damage.
    • BTW tests like 23 and Me will tell you if you have this variant on their health portion. You spit in a tube, send it off and voila. I was sure I would have an APOE4 variant given my mercury experience and sure enough I have one bad copy and one good one. Luckily it is not two bad ones. But this does explain why mercury impacted me more strongly than perhaps some others with no E4 variants. It is also why I need to get it out as it gives an 8% higher chance of Alzheimers. Better to know now and prevent.
  • More of the above low level symptoms in larger doses
  • There may also be a link to Parkinson’s disease. This is also a neurological condition.

What can I do?

  • Don’t get mercury amalgam fillings
  • Have them removed by a metal free dentist if you have them
  • Detox yourself after removal with vitamin C, E, A, chlorella, fish oil/DHA to remove it from the body and repair damage
  • Later try to get it out of your brain

How do I get it out of the brain if I have had fillings and now they have been removed?

Cilantro leaf/corriander seems to have a compound capable of crossing the blood brain barrier and getting it out into the body per studies. It is both fat soluble and sulfur containing so mercury is attracted to it. Powerful antioxidant glutathione is also sulfur containing (thio as in sulfur). See a trend with sulfur now and why we focus on that? You will need to start eating cilantro leaf starting with small doses combined with chlorella. Afterward detox with vitamin C and E plus a pure molecularly distilled fish oil/DHA. Also eat plenty of fiber to flush it out like carrots, apples, bananas, pears, salads etc. Once in the body the body can get rid of it in <90 days unlike the brain.

This process will take time. Go slowly and you will start to see results. Slowly increase the dose from just a bit to half a cup or cup once a week with meals like tacos, thai food, pasta. It’s not horrible tasting in moderation. I was skeptical of this cooking herb initially but I read and tried ten years after my fillings were removed. All the mercury should have been long gone if the half life was 90 days. Instead I got a heck of an impact on a quarter cup on some tacos. That made me realize the 20 year half life estimate might be right for the brain. After a few months you will start to remember things and function better mentally. But only do this after your fillings have been removed and replaced with safer materials for a year or so and always with chlorella. Read the Klinghard neutoxin protocol below. The plus is cilantro leaf is dirt cheap ($2) and so are chlorella tablets ($15).

Why should I listen to you?

If you don’t believe me keep reading the articles posted on this site or do your own research. People will tell you amalgam is safe but how can something that you cannot throw in a normal trash can be safe to have in your body? Think about how you dispose of fluorescent bulbs. Now you have the same stuff in your mouth day in day out. Something that accumulates over time in your brain that is a known neurotoxin is safe? Huh? Remember back in the day people thought smoking, radiation and asbestos were all totally fine too. I am sure in the future people will think the same of having mercury in your mouth. Using mercury fillings is also banned in several European countries like Sweden, Norway and Germany. Why would they do that if it was ok and cheaper?

The EU recommends not to use mercury fillings in children or pregnant women. The reason for this is kids’ brains are still developing and are most impacted by mercury. Again why recommend this if it is safe? Sounds fishy.

BTW I am not selling you anything. I’ve had my issues with having mercury fillings for 20 years (10-30). I want to warn others so they don’t have to go through what I did. I think the use of these ought to be banned. As they say “where there is smoke there is fire” and mercury poisoning is very real. The issue is it impacts some people more strongly than others. Is just a little bit of arsenic ok? Umm no. Will it kill you? No but it will hurt you. The same with mercury. Avoid it.

There is an environmental impact

So the mercury that your brain and kidney don’t absorb you excrete into the environment around you via urine and feces. Toxic pollution. It ends up back in the water in the fish, plants and animals you eat. Talk about recycling. That is the other reason people are moving away from these fillings and you should too.

Which organ is the one that makes you the most money?

Your brain! Take care of it. Don’t put any mercury into it. Use safer dental materials like ceramic and polymer. It looks better and is safer. Plus no temperature sensitivity with hot and cold liquids as it is not metal.

PDF Euro EU Articles and three others. The EU articles detail well the impacts of mrecury toxicology and then then say dental amalgam is not proven to be unsafe due to lower exposure doses. Not proven unsafe does not mean safe. It just means they have not proven is dangerous yet. Hmm. Haha. Don’t take that chance. You don’t need to be the experimental guinea pig in someone’s epidemiological experiment. The key with mercury is the bioaccumulative nature. At year 1 likely no significant issues but after five to ten years of input build up watch out. A drippy faucet will eventually flood the sink if the drain is closed. Read the other articles here and then think again.

Full article

Toxicology summary

Autopsy study and mercury in the brain

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