How Dental Mercury Impairs Your Brain and Why

So we have talked about how mercury gets in your body and how it accumulates in your brain and kidneys in previous posts. We have also seen scientific articles that show mercury is found in the brains of those with dental amalgam fillings via autopsies and that the amount of mercury found is proportional to the duration of expoure and number of fillings.

Ok so mercury gets into the brain and nervous system. What does it do once there?

Mercury because loves to bind with sulfur it binds with sulfhydryl groups (SH groups for short). Those are found in the nerve synapses and in enzymes in high concentrations. The synapses are the spaces between nerve cells involved the sending of signals from one nerve cell to another. Think of it like a game of telephone. If one nerve cell tells the other something but the other doesn’t receive the message or convey the right one we get problems. The same thing happens in the brain. When one nerve cells can’t talk well to the other one, meaning transmit, then the brain doesn’t get to do what it should as well.

The scientific journal article attached below sets out to explain exactly how toxins such as mercury impact the brain and neurotransmission. Putting this together with the nervous system impacts from mercury exposure in acute and chronic cases like mad hatter’s disease makes total sense.

Types of impacts caused by mercury binding to SH groups

  • Blocking transmission by occupying receptor sites
  • Blocking reabsorbtion of neurotransmitters already in the gap so a new signal can’t be sent
  • Blocking sending of signals to another nerve cell

Your brain as an organic computer analogy

  • Think of your brain as an organic computer. Mercury reduces RAM memory, flash storage, CPU processing speed, connections to external devices like wifi or bluetooth. None of those things are good for your laptop and they aren’t good for your brain either.
  • The impacts of mercury in your brain are initially subtle until it builds up to higher levels. That is why some people claim it is safe but it is not.
  • Again with the computer analogy if I reduce your RAM, processing speed and memory by 5% you may not notice much. However at 10% or 25% you will start to notice and be like hey this machine used to work much better. With a PC you can buy a new but you can’t buy a new brain so you better optimize the one you have.
  • Finally it doesn’t matter what your occupation is. You need that organic computer to work at 100%. Engineering, law or finance might need deep thinking. Athletes, musicians and performers also need excellent neurotransmission to score a goal, write a song or perform a rap.

How this impacts you

  • Slower thinking due to less neuro transmission. Think 80% versus 100% signal
  • Loss of memory: memories are locked up and can’t be accessed
  • Fine motor tremors: Not enough signal sent from brain to peripheral nerves
  • Less coordination/ clumsiness: Signals not sent strongly enough to the body
  • Depression: Lower level of transmission of serotonin, dopamine, other happy chemicals etc.
  • Hard to sleep: Not enough transmission of serotonin or relaxing neurotransmitters or overstimulation of nerve cells
  • Nervousness/jittery feeling/restlessness: Overstimulation and not enough calming neurotransmitter
  • Irritability/over emotional/easily angered/bad temper: neurotransmitter imbalance
  • Shyness/timidity: same as for depression
  • Impulsiveness or rash decision making
  • Difficulty concentrating or focusing
  • Need for lots of sleep to feel refreshed

Scientific Evidence of this in PDF format journal articles

What can you do? The key is to avoid mercury, especially dental filling mercury vapor as it goes to the brain via your lungs

  • Don’t get mercury amalgam dental fillings. This is major source of mercury vapor as it evaporates from the filling which you breathe into the lungs and then crosses the blood brain barrier into the brain. There is gets trapped once it is oxidized. See the second and third article PDF.
  • Have them replaced with safer materials like composite fillings and porcelain inlays if you have them
  • Remove mercury from your brain and body with cilantro leaf and chlorella once such fillings are out. The cilantro will remove tightly bound mercury including in the brain. There is a mercaptan chemical containing sulfur in there that binds mercury that is fat soluble. Just buy the leaves at the grocrery store and add to your food. You can buy chlorella tablets at a health food store. The latter helps absorb in in your gut so you can eliminate it preventing recirculation.
  • Naturally detox via time and antioxidants like fish oil, vitamin E and C
  • Avoid eating long lived fish that bioaccumulate methyl mercury like swordfish, shark, big tuna
  • Avoid corn syrup when possible due to potential mercury contamination from some sources. The problem is some sources are contaminated from the mercury catalyst and some are not but you have no way to know what you are getting so best to avoid.

As I have said before if you don’t believe me or want more information do some research. Google, Bing, library card etc. It is all out there for your reading pleasure.

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