How to save money during the week

Everyone has their typical daily routine. This is how I save money on a workday.

7 am: Breakfast at home of say granola bar and cheese. ($5 savings versus buying out or eating at the office)

7:15 am brew a cup of coffee into Thermos cup to go for work with Keurig single cup brewer and refillable Ecobrew filter. Dunkin Donuts Coffee in this case. ($3 savings)

10 am make a French press cup of coffee into ceramic mug in office kitchen with the $0.35 L press shown below (Bodum Press)($3 savings)

12 noon: Lunch of grilled burger leftover from the weekend and drink of water ($10 savings). I bring it in a pyrex glass microwavable container like below so I can heat it up without worrying about melted plastic. They are also dishwasher safe for easy clean up.

2 pm: Green tea at office ($2 savings versus soda from machine)

6 pm drive home with 4 cylinder SUV (30 mpg = $2 savings per day)

6:30 pm buy gas with rewards card to get cash back (40 cents cash back)

7 pm eat home cooked meal at home ($12 versus eating out)

Total savings $37.40/day

Doing all except the gas 20 working days per month = $740/month cost avoidance savings

If you never ate out on weekdays but did go forego buying lunch and coffee, the savings would be $320/month for 20 working days at $16/day times 20 working days per month. That’s not too bad and this is not rocket science either.

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