Are Covid 19 Vaccines Safe?

So I was at a work meeting and some people were not sure if they would get the Covid 19 vaccine that was going to be available in said country that week. The vaccine in question was the J&J vaccine that was in the news. The other vaccines were not available and may not be for some time. Well if your plan is hit the pubs, bars, clubs and beaches this summer it is better to get vaccinated than not. Here is why.

It comes down to simple math folks

The chances of side effects are extremely low but the chances of you get Covid when hitting the bars or engaging in indoor dining is pretty damned high. Let’s say you go out on the town for ten weekends in a row and each time you have a ten percent chance of getting Covid. Well by the end of the summer 10*10 = 100%. So basically you will eventually get Covid assuming it is in your community or country. Yeah not everyone gets very sick but if you do it’s really bad and could be quite costly if you end up spending a month in the hospital and missing two months of work. Wait until that bills comes! Or you could be one of these long haulers that has mysterious symptoms for months. Or you could die like the 35 year old healthy guy with no preexisting conditions that was in the paper here last week.

The odds are in your favor…big time

Let’s look at the supposed bad vaccine the “dangerous” J&J one. 17 people had serious side effects. Oh no. That’s bad. The telly said so! But wait. How many people received the J&J vaccine? Was it 100? Then not so great odds. No, it was actually 8.1 million. That’s a lot! That’s like the population of all of Sweden or all the people in Chicago or Los Angeles or London or Toronto plus Montreal. (Btw the J&J vaccine is a traditional non-mRNA vaccine like the flu shot, while the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna are mRNA derived)

So 17/8,100,000 =0.0000021 = 0.00021% chance of a bad reaction

Those are really low odds of having a side effect of blood clots. Btw none of those people died, they just had to take blood thinners in the hospital. The Pfizer/ Bio N Tech and Moderna vaccines also had side side effects but at even lower rate of issued.

Let’s compare those chances of other life events

5 balls lottery 1:750,000 =0.0001333 % Fantasy 5 $224,000 prize = buy a studio or small flat

4 ball lottery 1:4163 = 0.024% $500 prize

Chance of being in a car accident 1:107= 0.9%

Drowning 1:1,128 = 0.088%

If you really think you are the lucky one to get side effects on this vaccine go play the lottery for gods sake. The math is on your side. However if you do want to escape this work from home, no travel, no fun prison go get the vaccine in your area. The benefits are too great and the risk of not getting it too high.

Just get whatever the clinic, hospital, pharmacy has. Any of the big vaccines will be good. Otherwise the health authorities would not have approved them in the first place. Oh yeah don’t believe any internet bs about the government implanting microchips in people with them. They already know everywhere you go and everything you do because of you cell phone and computer and Google rat you out. Haha.

Yes, I did get vaccinated when the shots became available in my area. It was the Pfizer one this month. And yes, I felt tired and sluggish for two days after the second shot but now am fine. Don’t risk it. Get the damned shot and enjoy your life. I would have gotten what ever one was available because the odds are totally in my favor. They didn’t give you a choice before but now you seem to be able to select the vaccine you want at least in my area. If mRNA makes you worried for some reason the J&J one is non-mRNA traditional vaccine like the flu shot so go find that one. Theoretically there should be no difference in how it impacts as we not using live virus but dead pieces of virus. Any of the big 3 will provide protection. The fourth one from Astra is likely fine too.

And no the vaccines don’t have thimerosal mercury as they don’t use that anymore. And even if they did it would be so little. If you really worried about that take liposomal glutathione after which absorbs mercury like a sponge. Then you won’t have to worry about mercury.

Keep in mind that to get to herd mentality at least 70-80% need to get vaccinated. So we need to do our part. The risk is if we don’t we select for ever more virulent and deadly strains via natural selection. This is the viral equivalent of antibiotic resistance meaning only the ones that spread hard and fast survive. We just need to kill this thing off. Also just because your neighbor is protected doesn’t mean you will be if someone infected gets on the plane from say India and sits next to you on the metro or in a restaurant. Then bam covid for you but not the neighbor.

Me personally I think this pandemic is a warm up for another event. Maybe I am wrong. Why do I think that? Because there seems to be a new one of these every 5 to 10 years. SARS, MERS, COVID. What’s next Ebola? Keep your masks and hand sanitizer in the drawer like they do in Asia instead of throwing them away. Learn from this one as a future one maybe as or more deadly.


  1. There’s a probability of getting any disease the more you are “out there.” And with the virus from China having the same or similar stats as other flus, we understand, as with all diseases, there are probabilities. We haven’t taken the vaccine because of any rhetorical debates or propaganda. We don’t see people dying (Yes, some people have, as with all diseases and all flus, and those “at risk” can choose to take their own precautions, as always.), we see people out there, those home-brought masks doing nothing, and life going on except so many can’t think for themselves. We learned that the research was done through aborted tissue, which we’re against. We also understand this is an MRNA vaccine, something never before attempted population-wide, and there’s no long-term study nor any proof yet that the vaccine is all you’ll need, which means yearly boosters, again using MRNA, and no proof that you’re fully protected, either way. So, we think for ourselves and make decisions that “we” think are best for us. By the way, if the vaccine is so good, why worry.


  2. Valid points. The J&J vaccine is not an mRNA vaccine btw but a traditional one. Get that if you are worried about mRNA. Only the Modern and Pfizer/Bio N tech ones are. If you don’t get vaccinated you will be unprotected. All it takes is one person from India to hop on a plane and come in contact with you and bam covid. The herd will protect from spread but you can still get it. I don’t think we will eradiate this disease globally so easily. It will be around for a long time in various pockets of the world just like measles and polio can be found. Nowadays with lots of international travel that’s the issue. There was a big measles outbreak here in my area last year and some people died. From covid I think it’s been 500k deaths in the US alone. People die all the time but when healthy 35 and


  3. In this, I encourage people to research, ask their doctors questions, and know their own health status. Apparently, there are four possibilities, but the effectiveness, the requirements for continued boosters, and side effects are things people should know before choosing any option. Some require revisiting time and again, some have more serious side-effects, some can increase a person’s own already problems, and others…. The thing is for people to not look at this, or any other medicine, as a cure-all and life forever.


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