Mercury articles that show how dangerous it is in dental fillings and fish

Here are several excellent mercury toxicity articles for you to read in PDF format. They will show you how dangerous mercury is, especially in fish as methyl mercury and in vapor form from dental fillings and the metal itself.

This first article that was in the Huffington Post is written by a doctor who actually suffered from mercury poisoning. This is neat as now you have an expert who talks about his own experiences. He also speaks about genetics that cause the mercury to impact some people more than others. The yellow highlights are mine.

Next is an article that talks about current approaches to managing mercury poisoning. It is quite detailed and speaks of the different medical chelators used by doctors for acute cases such as DMSA. It is interesting to note that looking at the molecules I am not sure they are fat soluble based on my college chemistry courses. This means they cannot remove mercury from the brain only the bloodstream and muscles. As you will recall the brain is mainly fats and has a double membrane that makes it hard for drugs to get in.

Here is an article that ask how dangerous is mercury. It is written by DW (Deutsche Welle) which is Germany’s public broadcaster. I am also attaching a web link as they have a neat slide show that shows the great lengths they have to take to recycle fluorescent light bulbs safely. These bulbs contain mercury vapor as you know.

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