The easiest way to make money is to save money! The purpose of this site is to educate on how to use frugal living to create a workable budget with enough left over to begin investing those proceeds for the future. We will touch on both here.

The reality is that the fastest way to make money is to save the money you already have! This is due to a thing called taxes. If you make $100 at work in reality you get to have $60 in your pocket after taxes. However if you save $100 per month that is the same as getting paid $166. So cutting your spend should be the first step to building your savings, paying off debt and getting money to fund your investments.

This site contains tips for saving money, budgeting and investing those savings for your future. Some people have no concept of money and budgeting. They are partly financially illiterate and get taken advantage of by salesmen, car dealers, advertisers, marketers, banks and scammers. These aren’t just poor people I am talking about. I also see moderately wealthy people living beyond their means by making poor financial decisions.

We are going to fix that. We are starting with simple concepts in easy to understand language using real world and tips examples. However we will get to more complicated concepts and learn how to do evaluate deals too. You will be a pro in no time. Later on I will show you how you can pay off debt and invest that money. But first we need to maximize that cash flow. Let’s get to it!

Legal Disclaimer: Investing can be risky and you may lose money. This site is the is intended for educational purposes only and not as investment advice.