Mercury dental fillings are dangerous to your health & income

Here is a true story for you on the dangers of dental mercury amalgam. I had my first dental amalgam filling put in when I was ten years old as I ate too much candy as a kid and thus had cavities. My parents also did not bother take me to the dentist or force me to brush my teeth. Then this exposure continued into college when I had tooth break in half. The dentist did a root canal on me and filled the many cavities I had. In grad a school I had another root canal and a huge temporary mercury filing was put in until I could afford to get a crown put in. Later while working I had more dental work with a bridge and some more fillings. In time I must have had eight amalgam fillings for a cumulative time of 24 years. That is a lot of exposure. I drank lots of coffee daily and chewed gum regularly.

I experienced several of the symptoms on the symptoms list below over time with symptoms gradually increasing in severity as more fillings were added. I was concerned with what going on so I went to doctor to test my thyroid levels thinking I had a thyroid condition as I felt lethargic and it ran in the family. The test came back fine. The doctor told me to get plenty of iodine and selenium in my diet in case I had a borderline thyroid condition. I went to the drugstore and bought a centrum with iodine and selenium yeast supplement. I took them and felt energized from the selenium and off from the multi mineral. This was odd to me. I wondered if I had some sort of mineral deficiency. I started to document my findings and take notes on what symptoms I experienced. The eye surgeon then told me I had a slight tremor in my hand when I was looking into Lasik.  He was right. I never noticed this. He asked if I had a lot of caffeine that morning. No, I told him I haven’t had any today as it was 8 am in the morning. I wrote that down too.

Confused I started doing research on mineral imbalances and thyroid conditions. Then I saw an ad for a hair metal test online that would test for mineral levels and toxic elements. I decided to order the test for $120 to eliminate a cause methodically as a nutrient imbalance or mineral imbalance. When the test packet came I snipped off hair from the back of my head where I never put styling gel to avoid contamination. I put the hair in the envelope and waited. About month later I got my results in the mail. I was shocked when I opened the letter. Not only was my mineral balance off I had high levels of mercury and high lead. I went online and searched for mercury poisoning symptoms. They matched what I had noted down. I had a mineral imbalance and mercury poisoning.  Then it all made sense. The mercury had come from come my teeth! I am a white collar office worker and not a metal factory worker. I also never played with mercury as kid and rarely ate fish. In reality the mineral imbalance is a symptom of the mercury toxicity as the body is overwhelmed trying to get rid of the mercury.

I showed the results to my primary care doctor who ran the thyroid test. She was intrigued, did some research and ordered a test for me from a local medical lab called Quest Diagnostics. Then she clipped my finger nails and toe nails into two vials. We sent it off and a few weeks later she gave me the result. I had elevated levels of mercury in my nails in both the toenails and finger nails. The level was about 300% above normal. She asked me if I ate lots of fish. No, very little. Or was exposed industrially? No, but I did have metal fillings. It must be from those she said as there is no other source of exposure. She suggested perhaps have them taken out. At that point I decided they had to be removed.

I went to my dentist, said I wanted the fillings changed out and showed the test results from both tests. He wanted copies of those. He didn’t say anything about it or deny it. He also didn’t seem to want to discuss it out of scientific curiosity. This made me feel like I was exposed to some sort of dental cover up or was crazy. Over the course of few appointments and about $2500 the mercury fillings were out. They were replaced with ceramic inlays/onlays and plastic fillings. I was relieved however this was not a special metal free procedure just drilling them out. Had I known how dangerous these were I could have saved $2500 and the costs of the doctors visits and tests.

Being the analytical type that I am I decided to keep running the hair metal test every six months to see if the mercury was indeed coming out. It was slowly as shown in the results show below. My mineral balance also normalized quick. My lead and other toxic metals also came out as the mercury came out as my body was not overwhelmed with toxins. Aluminum levels came down as I ditched my anti-perspirant for a cologne brand deodorant without aluminum from Calvin Klein.

Over time I experienced

  • Clearer thinking
  • I seemed to become smarter at work as mercury came out and I took DHA daily in fish oil to restore my brain
  • Less irritability when things went wrong
  • I slept more soundly
  • I performed better at work and switched careers to a more challenging one and more financially rewarding one
  • No weird symptoms from a multi mineral supplement
  • No hand tremor
  • More confidence and outgoing
  • My gums stopped bleeding and no mouth sores (canker sores)
  • Better motor coordination, better at sports that involved hand eye coordination like golf and tennis
  • Small problems bothered me less
  • I felt more calm and relaxed

If you are experiencing these symptoms and have amalgam fillings you may want to get them removed. You can also run a hair or doctors metal test before to confirm things before spending money. The world is competitive place and you need your brain to work 100% regardless of your occupation and goals whether you want to be an engineer, writer, financier, attorney or rapper. Be healthy and make money!

Here are some of the symptoms of mercury poisoning  that have been documented. Most are nervous system related. The reason is mercury is fat soluble and nerve cells are made of fatty insulation so they can conduct nerve signals like an electrical wire.

  • Nervousness/jittery feeling/restlessness
  • Fine motor tremor in hands
  • Irritability/over emotional/easily angered/bad temper
  • Lack of confidence/fear of public speaking/exaggerated feeling of what other people think
  • Social withdrawal, spending time alone
  • Depressed mood/blues/negative view
  • Reduced motor skills/clumsiness/reduced sports ability
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Impulsiveness or rash decision making
  • Difficulty concentrating or focusing unless it is quiet when studying or working
  • Bleeding gums, mouth sores (canker sores), gingivitis, dental pockets
  • Difficulty sleeping at night unless it is very quiet
  • Nights sweats/hot and cold cycles where it’s either too hot or too cold repeatedly
  • Superstition/Paranoia
  • Lethargy/sluggishness/lack of energy/seems like thyroid issue (selenium depletion impacts thyroid hormone levels and metabolism)
  • Strange reactions to normal things like multi vitamin/ multi mineral supplements due to mineral imbalance.
  • Strange reaction to fish oil i.e. DHA supplements. They seem very strong as one is depleted of DHA in the brain.
  • Need for lots of sleep to feel refreshed. Seem to need lots to think clearly. Six hours makes one feel tired.
  • Tooth loss around the fillings
  • Loss of long-term memories
  • Frequent urination

Here you can see each test result I got. Note the levels of toxic metals coming down on each hair test due to the removal of the mercury fillings

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